Property Agents In Noida Sector 100

Property Agents In Noida Sector 100

Sharing You About Our Journey And Our Experience

In this article, we are going to share with you our journey. How “its my home” started and how we are trying to change this industry. A lot of things we are going to share about our company and our future plans.

We are the best Property Agents In Noida Sector 100. Certainly, we’ve been in this industry for more than 10 years now. Moreover, you can read Google Reviews about us.

In this business, a lot of tycoons are doing their business very well. But we always try to build trust because in this business trust is base. Not only this business every business needs trust to grow in the business. If you trust someone then you only work with them, Otherwise, there is no scope of business. That is why trust is the most important point in our business and our company also.

In our business, we’ve done more than 700’s of property we’ve sold and it’s a record that our 100% of customers are satisfied. That is our USP our team is very dedicated they always ready to serve the best to our customers. People say that we are the best property agent in Noida sec 100.

There are so many things that we are going to share with this blog. We hope that you’ll like our journey and you’ll find some information through our journey.

Meet Our Team (Property Agents In Noida Sector 100)

In our company, we’ve 6 people who are running the company or can say oxygen of the business. We will share those names who are helping to grow the business and helping people.

Deepak KumarAssistant Property Advisor
SheetalProperty Advisor
ManishSupport Associate

These are 5 people who are the best Property Agents In Noida Sector 100. They are helping our business to grow and achieve new milestones. This is our team because of them we’ve achieved this much and we will try to achieve more than this and change this industry.

Why Us To Buy Property?

This is the most important why people choose only us to buy a property and why you should consider us to buy property. The reason behind this is that we are transparent with our customers. We never lie to our customers that is why people choose us.

There are so many agents who are working in Noida sec100 but they’re not able to provide that kind of service and trust. That is why they can’t build a long-term business with them.

It’s my home major focus is always to build a long-term business, We never try to misguide our customer and we’ve never sold this kind of property which are not beneficial for them. That is why people only choose us.

Even you can check our reviews and you can talk to existing customers and past customers. They all are happy with us so, this is what we do that customers are satisfied with us.

We are not doing something different or we are not doing any out-of-the-box thing. We only doing is to serve the best work that our customers need. That is why we are going into this industry.

Real Estate Truth | Why We Are The Best Property Agents In Noida Sector 100

Real estate is really a big industry it s a billion-dollar industry but it is an unorganized sector. People are buying any property through a local agent they never ever consider an approved agent who can help them to buy a property. That is why we are trying to organize this industry through our expertise. 

This industry is a really growing industry but a lot of people are doing fraud in this industry. This is the reason people do not have trust in real estate agents.

Every person in India has a dream to buy a home for their family, But due to some fraudulent property agents, people’s dreams get destroyed. This is the reason in this industry it is very difficult to build trust and difficult to get more property transactions.

That is why our base is always to build trust and we will be doing this our whole life because this is the only reason, we are growing every single day. So, if you want to buy any property in Noida. Then you can consider us the best property agent in Noida sector 100. As we are dealing in many properties in this sector with transparency.

Our Expertise

A lot of people are looking for budget property in India. As India is a middle-class segment country, So, everyone wants to buy a budget house that includes all the amenities and all the benefits in their budget. Our expertise is always serving the best property in their budget.

Our main goal is always that if a customer comes to use so, We can give the best property in their budget. This is our expertise and this is always our USP. That is what we are doing for more than 10 years and we are very happy that we are doing our work with dedication. Our every customer is happy, This is what we’ve earned in our life.

About Its My Home & Its Best Property Agents In Noida Sector 100

Its my home been serving for more than 10 years and we are doing very well in our industry. We always are serving you the best service so, that you would always be happy, this is actually what we want and when we started this business we never thought that this much love and trust we build. But because of you, we did. 

If our customer is happy then we are happy if our customers are not happy. Then something a mistake we are doing and in our journey, we never saw that our single customer is not happy. Every customer is happy with our service.

How Many Projects Currently We Have? 

Currently, we have more than 5 projects such as Great value sharanamLotus PanacheLotus 300Lotus zingLotus boulevard Espaciaetc. These are some amazing projects we have so if you want to buy your dream house in these societies. Then you can definitely contact us. We will definitely provide you with the best property in your budget.

Also, if you’re not able to buy the property at one shot. Then you can go for the loan option we have a loan facility for you so, that you’ll don’t miss your dream property.


In this blog, we’ve shared with you about It’s my home journey and we’ve shared each and every aspect of our journey. We always try to always be transparent with you because our audience is very important to us and we respect you. That is why always said truth which you actually like.

Hope you like the journey because our journey was very difficult and whatever we’ve achieved. We’ve faced a lot of challenges in our business and after all the hustles we are at this point.

As we’ve also shared that our business completely depends on trust. As we’ve also shared that our business completely depends on trust. That is why we are on this point because of our trust, hard work, and consistency. Certainly, we are the best Property Agents In Noida Sector 100. That is why we are on this point because of our trust, hard work, and consistency.

If you like the blog then please like and if you have any suggestions the do share in the comments and we will try to improve.


How many years of experience do you have?

Well, we are in the industry for the last more than 10 years.

How we can contact you or reach you?

You can visit our website or you search on google “its my home” and you can get our contact no. Then you can easily contact us or you can easily come to us.

Are we the best agent in Noida?

We never say that we are the best but our main goal and focus is always to give the best service to our customers. You can read our google reviews

Can you fulfill our requirements?

Our expertise is to fulfill the requirements of our customers. Our goal is to give the best property in their budget in the best locality.

Could we provide rental properties?

Yes, we are dealing in rental properties as well. We can provide you with the best rental property on your budget.

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