The Life Force

It cleanses the body of toxins. It is also the element of intelligence and creativity

The Protector

The healing essence that cleanses the mind and the body

The Nourishing Source

The element of stability, strength, beginnings and endings

The Purifying Energy

Spirtual light of consclousness that destroys ignorance

The Spiritual Element

The element all other elements derive from and return to


Imagine a place where ancient wisdom meets the future
Imagine a place where vibrating sacred chants transforms into a melody
Imagine a place that recreates the feeling of a garden after the rains
Imagine Experion Elements

Inspired by nature’s five elements: Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Ether, Experion Elements’ landscape is designed by award-winning international firm, Belt Collins of Hong Kong and architecture by DSP Design.

The celestially aligned twin towers serve as a symbol of balance and harmony, where straight lines and sensual curves come together in a poetic embrace.

Delicate raindrop patterns, tapestry of flora, serene water bodies, and leaf-inspired sculptures reflect our commitment to details.

A low-density project that reduces its ecological footprint, Experion Elements exemplifies sustainability and unmatched excellence

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Dedicated EV Charging Stations

One dedicated charging facility per apartment along with a regular car parking. Enjoy the ease of powering your EVs at your dedicated parking slot. Be ready for the road in the most environment-friendly manner.

Pickleball Court

The world’s favourite new sport. Join in on the excitement and experience the joy of being fit while having fun


Kick boxing Ring

Elevate your fitness journey at the exclusive kick-boxing ring. Dive into high-energy workouts and challenge your limits


Grand Cineplex with Dolby Sound

Immerse yourself in a cinematic experience at the Grand Cineplex, featuring one of the largest 4K LED screens in Noida along with cutting-edge Dolby Sound technology.

Bowling Alley

A fun, engaging space that’s sure to become a favourite spot for residents of all ages. Come together compete and create lasting memory.

Business Center

Enjoy the convenience of a cutting-edge office environment right within the community. Conduct work-from-home with ease at the modern, internet-enabled business center designed to meet all your professional needs


Elevated Walkways

Ingeniously designed to offer private access to the swimming pool which also doubles up as a jogging track, providing an unmatched experience where you jog amidst the sky, overlooking the pristine blue water below


Miyawaki Garden

Unique Japanese-style biodiverse ecosystem – a peaceful retreat, encouraging mindfulness and a deeper connection with the environment


Water Cascade

Experience the serene beauty of our water cascade feature that brings a calming presence and peace amidst the gentle sounds of flowing water


Active Pet Park

Spaces for your furry friends to play, explore and relax in a park designed just for them. Experience the joy of watching your pets in their element, in a community that celebrates and cherishes the bond between pets and their owners


Performance Glass

Bask in the brilliance of natural light without the discomfort of heat. High-performance glass reduce heat gain and thermal energy transfer, ensuring your home remains comfortable and energy-efficient year-round.

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