Lotus Espacia, 4 BHK Luxury Living

Welcome to the epitome of lavish living in the heart of Noida! Nestled within the esteemed Lotus Boulevard Espacia in Sector 100, this extraordinary Lotus Espacia, 4 BHK Luxury Living spanning 2764 sqft stands as a testament to modern elegance and comfort. Priced at an attractive 2.6 Cr, this residence goes beyond being a home; it’s a sanctuary of sophistication. Envision a space where every square foot is meticulously designed to harmonize with contemporary living.

Lotus Boulevard Espacia seamlessly blends luxury with convenience, offering residents a lifestyle adorned with all the modern amenities one can dream of. Join us as we embark on a journey through the opulent realms of this Lotus Espacia, 4 BHK Luxury Living haven, where every detail contributes to a living experience that transcends expectations.

Lotus Espacia, 4 bhk Luxury Living

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Unveiling the Exquisite Lotus Espacia, 4 BHK Luxury Living, Noida at 2.6 Cr

4 BHK + servant room (lotus espacia)
4 BHK + servant room (lotus espacia)

1. Space, Sophistication, and Style: The Essence of Lotus Boulevard Espacia

Luxurious Living Spaces:

   As you step into this residence, the expansive 2764 sqft unfolds before you, revealing a meticulously designed living space. The 4 BHK flat in Lotus Boulevard Espacia is not merely a home; it is a canvas where every square foot exudes sophistication and comfort.

Thoughtful Interiors:

   The interiors are a symphony of style, showcasing contemporary design elements that create an ambience of refined living. From the welcoming foyer to the spacious bedrooms, every detail has been carefully considered to elevate the resident experience.

2. Affordability | Lotus Espacia, 4 BHK Luxury Living

Attractive Price Point:

   Priced at 2.6 Cr, this property strikes a balance between luxury and affordability. The strategic pricing ensures that residents not only acquire a residence but a lifestyle that surpasses expectations.

Value Proposition:

   Beyond the lavish interiors and prime location, the value proposition lies in the promise of a living experience that harmonizes opulence with practicality. The 4 BHK flat in Lotus Boulevard Espacia becomes an investment in a lifestyle that transcends the ordinary.

3. Modern Amenities: A Symphony of Comfort

Swimming Pool Oasis:

   Dive into a world of relaxation with the exquisite swimming pool at Lotus Boulevard Espacia. Whether it’s a leisurely swim or a tranquil moment by the poolside, residents can indulge in the serenity of this aquatic haven.

Fitness at its Finest:

   The property boasts state-of-the-art fitness facilities. Equipped with the latest exercise machines, residents have the luxury of a fully-fledged gym within their reach, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

Recreational Extravaganza:

   The society caters to the diverse interests of its residents with dedicated sports courts for tennis and basketball, as well as an indoor games arena for friendly competitions and social bonding.

Landscaped Bliss:

   Meticulously landscaped gardens and parks add a touch of nature to urban living. Residents can escape the city hustle within the greenery of Lotus Boulevard Espacia, enjoying strolls and peaceful moments.

4. Location Advantage: Lotus Espacia, 4 BHK Luxury Living

Connectivity at Its Core:

   Situated in Sector 100, Noida, the property enjoys strategic connectivity to major city hubs. Residents benefit from easy access to essential services, educational institutions, and entertainment centres, ensuring a well-rounded urban lifestyle.

Proximity to Retail and Cafes:

   The neighbourhood and adjacent areas offer an array of retail outlets and cafes. Lotus Boulevard Espacia itself houses conveniences that cater to daily needs, creating a self-contained and hassle-free living environment.

Educational and Healthcare Facilities:

   Families with educational and healthcare needs find solace in the proximity of renowned schools and hospitals. The convenience of having these essential services nearby adds an extra layer of appeal to the neighbourhood.

Lotus Boulevard Sector 100, Your Dream Lifestyle Awaits

Welcome to the epitome of contemporary living in the heart of Noida! Introducing an exceptional 2+1 BHK residence, spanning 1398 sqft, nestled in the prestigious Lotus Boulevard Sector 100. This meticulously designed property not only offers a spacious and modern living space but also comes with the added convenience of two dedicated parking spaces. Priced at an attractive 1.2 Cr, it stands as a testament to both affordability and luxury, creating a harmonious blend for those seeking an elevated lifestyle.


1. What makes the 4 BHK flat in Lotus Boulevard Espacia unique in comparison to other residential options in Noida?

   – Explore the distinctive features that set this property apart, from its spacious interiors to the strategic pricing and an array of modern amenities.

2. Can you provide insights into the customization options available for the interiors of the 4 BHK flat to meet individual preferences and styles?

   – Delve into the flexibility of customization for residents, whether it be in terms of interior design, room functionality, or any tailored preferences within the property.

3. How does Lotus Boulevard Espacia ensure the safety and security of its residents, and what measures are in place for a secure living environment?

   – Explore the security infrastructure of Lotus Boulevard Espacia, including surveillance systems, security personnel, and any other features contributing to a safe and secure living environment.

4. What are the nearby amenities and conveniences accessible to residents of Lotus Boulevard Espacia, considering its strategic location in Sector 100, Noida?

   – Discover the convenience of living in Sector 100, Noida, and explore the nearby retail outlets, cafes, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities that enhance the appeal of the neighbourhood.

5. Can you elaborate on the pricing strategy for the 4 BHK flat at 2.6 Cr and the value proposition it offers to potential buyers in terms of lifestyle and investment?

   – Gain insights into the pricing details, understanding how the 2.6 Cr price tag aligns with the value proposition, lifestyle amenities, and the overall investment potential of the property in Lotus Boulevard Espacia.

Conclusion: Lotus Espacia, 4 BHK Luxury Living

In conclusion, the 4 BHK flat in Lotus Boulevard Espacia stands as more than just a residence; it is a testament to luxury, comfort, and strategic living. Priced at 2.6 Cr, it offers a lifestyle where every detail contributes to an enriched living experience. This property is an invitation to elevate your lifestyle, where space, sophistication, and style converge to create a home that exceeds expectations. Act now and secure your place in this oasis of opulence, where every square foot tells a story of unparalleled living.

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