Advantages Of Studio Apartment

Studio Apartment

Studio or 1-bedroom apartment? Both look similar but they aren’t. therefore at the end of this discussion, you will understand what’s the difference between them. And which one is suitable for you to buy/rent.

Studio Apartment

A studio is a place with no walls separating the bedroom, kitchen,& living. All in all, it’s a single unit with less space and storage. in simple words, you can also say that it’s a single room with an attached bathroom. Only the bathroom has its own wall of separation. But you can create separation by using your furniture to defined which space is for living and which one is for sleep & eat.

1-bedroom apartment

1-Bedroom apartment

On the other hand, a 1-bedroom apartment is a little different from a studio. As it’s a lot bigger in size as compared to the studio. Its bedroom can be equal to or larger than a whole studio apartment. it has walls of separation between spaces, doors are also present to define spaces. There’s a separate space for bedroom, kitchen, living.

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many times builder uses the studio word for a 1-bedroom apartment in its brochure. so there are already some misconceptions about the size, privacy, and other things in the studio and 1-bedroom apartment. because they are very similar.

So when both are quite similar with little differences, which one is suitable for you. Honestly, there’s no perfect answer to this question. However, it depends on a lot of factors like Privacy, in unit-amenities, location, lifestyle & upkeep. Certainly, it depends on your budget & your size preference.

at the end of the day, you are the one who is going to live in that place, so nobody can opt-out of a better place than you. Depending upon your budget and your lifestyle you can choose your version of the house. But we can help you out to clear some basic things.

Differences In Studio Apartment & 1-bedroom apartment


budget is the key element while selecting an apartment. A studio apartment is a single unit with less space and storage so it’s a lot cheaper compared to a 1-bedroom apartment. on the other hand, a 1-bedroom apartment comes with a large space and storage so it’s a bit expensive than a studio.


1-bedroom apartment gives you more privacy as it has a dedicated area to sleep, eat & living. and there are doors in-between which defined spaces. But the studio lacks in this category, there is no privacy as there are no walls and doors.

if your guests or family come over to your place then a 1-bedroom apartment will be a better option for you. but if you are a person who lives on their own, and don’t socialize much at your home then you should go for a studio.


How you like to live can impact what kind of apartment you need. if you are a person who through a party or has dinner with friends at home. then you should go to a bedroom apartment for socializing as there’s a lot of space.

if you have a job and you are always traveling then you go for a big space simply go for the studio. and as of now work from home is getting common so you can simply set up a desk and chair and get your work done in the studio.


Location and budget are proportional to each other!. ok, let’s cut out the math. The price of the house entirely depends on location. want to buy or rent a house in the main city then you have to pay handsome amount even for studio. But if you go to the outskirts of the city then you can buy/rent a bedroom apartment at the same price as a studio.

you will also notice the different variations in the size of the apartment. you can get a 600 sq. ft bedroom apartment outskirts of the city, but in the main city, you may find the same bedroom apartment for 300-400 sq. ft for the same price. Therefore the location is a point to keep in mind when looking for an apartment.


Big space means more time to clean and manage it. it may suck more electricity as well, as you need more electricity to heat or cool the space, there are lights and fans running in living and bedroom. on the other hand, small space consumes less electricity, east to clean & maintain. therefore one-bedroom needs more time to clean & maintain.

Pros & Cons of a Studio Apartment

1. Low rent1. Limited space
2. Low electricity bill2. Not suitable for socializing
3. Less effort for cleaning3. Not suitable for more than two people
4. Suitable for singles or couples

What exactly a studio apartment?

the studio is basically a large single room combined with kitchen and living, no doors and walls for separating spaces usually.

is a studio apartment cheaper?

studio apartment is always cheaper to rent or buy compared to 1-bedroom apartment.

Can 2 people live in studio apartment?

as long as you both are comfortable you can live together. 2 people can easily accommodate in studio.

Is it worth buying a studio apartment?

the answer depends on your preferences, but yes it’s worth buying as it is a great source of rental income.

Does studio apartment have a bedroom?

no, it doesn’t have a separate bedroom, although you can make an area for your sleep. studio apartment has a big single room with kitchen, living & bedroom combined together. it only have separate space for bathroom.

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