3+1 BHK in Noida at 2.15 Cr, Act Fast for Luxury Living!

Embark on a journey to unparalleled luxury with this exceptional 3+1 BHK in Noida at 2.15 Cr, a rare gem in the heart of Noida. Priced at an enticing 2.15 Cr, this residence stands as a testament to opulence and sophistication. Nestled within the prestigious Lotus Panache Society in Sector 110, Noida, this property offers an expansive living experience with an impressive area of 2538 sqft. A harmonious blend of space, style, and comfort awaits those who aspire for a residence that transcends the ordinary.

The allure of this meticulously designed flat extends beyond its impressive specifications. It beckons those with a discerning taste for luxurious living to act swiftly and seize the opportunity to make this abode their own. With its strategic location, spacious layout, and exquisite features, this 3+1 BHK in Noida at 2.15 Cr promises a lifestyle that is both exclusive and enchanting. Don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your living standards – act fast for a future of unparalleled luxury!

3+1 BHK in Noida at 2.15 Cr, Act Fast for Luxury Living!

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Elevate Your Lifestyle: 3+1 BHK in Noida at 2.15 Cr

Lotus Panache Island | 2538 sqft (lp)
Lotus Panache Island | 2538 sqft (lp)

Unparalleled Recreational Facilities

1. Swimming Pool Complex:

   Indulge in the epitome of relaxation with the society’s exquisite swimming pool complex. Whether it’s a leisurely swim to unwind after a long day or a refreshing morning dip, residents can bask in the serenity of this aquatic haven.

2. Clubhouse Extravaganza:

   The expansive clubhouse is a hub of social activity, providing residents with a space to unwind, socialize, and engage in recreational pursuits. From fitness centres to gaming zones, the clubhouse caters to the diverse interests of its discerning residents.

3. Wellness Center:

   Prioritizing holistic well-being, Lotus Panache offers a dedicated wellness centre. Residents can rejuvenate both body and mind with state-of-the-art fitness equipment, spa facilities, and wellness programs, ensuring a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Landscaped Splendor

1. Lush Gardens and Parks:

   Nature seamlessly integrates with modern living through the meticulously landscaped gardens and parks within the society. Residents can enjoy leisurely strolls, picnics, or simply find a serene spot to connect with nature in the midst of this urban oasis.

2. Jogging and Cycling Tracks:

   Fitness enthusiasts can rejoice in the presence of dedicated jogging and cycling tracks. 3+1 BHK in Noida at 2.15 Cr is surrounded by greenery, these tracks offer not just physical exercise but also a scenic backdrop for those invigorating morning runs or evening cycles.

Cutting-Edge Fitness Facilities | 3+1 BHK in Noida at 2.15 Cr

1. Gymnasium with Personal Trainers:

   The society’s gymnasium goes beyond the conventional, offering a comprehensive fitness experience. Equipped with the latest exercise machines and staffed with personal trainers, residents can embark on a fitness journey tailored to their individual needs.

2. Yoga and Meditation Spaces:

   For those seeking mindfulness and tranquility, Lotus Panache provides dedicated spaces for yoga and meditation. Embrace a sense of calm amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, fostering a holistic approach to well-being.

Recreational Extravagance

!. Sports Courts:

   Sports enthusiasts can immerse themselves in a variety of activities with the society’s sports courts. Whether it’s a game of tennis, basketball, or other recreational sports, 3+1 BHK in Noida at 2.15 Cr, residents can enjoy an active and engaging lifestyle within the community.

2. Indoor Games Arena:

   From billiards to table tennis, the indoor games arena caters to the leisure preferences of all residents. Rain or shine, there’s always a space for friendly competitions and social bonding within the society.

Security and Convenience in 3+1 BHK in Noida at 2.15 Cr

1. 24/7 Security and Surveillance:

   Safety is paramount at Lotus Panache, with round-the-clock security and surveillance systems ensuring a secure living environment. Residents can enjoy peace of mind, knowing their home is safeguarded at all times.

2. Convenience Stores and Cafes:

   Adding to the convenience, the society houses essential retail outlets and cafes. Residents can fulfill their daily needs without leaving the comfort of their community, fostering a self-contained and hassle-free lifestyle.

4 bhk flats in noida, Your Dream Home Just a Click Away!

Welcome to the epitome of luxury living in the heart of Noida! Nestled within the prestigious Lotus Panache Society in Sector 110, this 4 BHK flats in Noida, spanning an expansive 2794 sqft, beckon those with a taste for opulence and sophistication. Priced at an attractive 2.5 Cr, this residence is more than just a home; it’s a masterpiece that seamlessly combines space, style, and comfort.


1. What are the key features that make the 3+1 BHK in Noida at 2.15 Cr in Lotus Panache, Noida, stand out from other residential options in the area?

   – Explore the distinctive features that set this property apart, from its expansive square footage to the exclusive amenities within the Lotus Panache society.

2. Can you provide more details about the pricing and payment options available for the 3+1 BHK flat priced at 2.15 Cr in Lotus Panache?

   – Gain insights into the pricing structure and available payment options, ensuring a clear understanding of the financial aspects for potential buyers.

3. How does the security infrastructure at Lotus Panache ensure the safety and well-being of residents 24/7?

   – Delve into the security measures in place, such as surveillance systems and round-the-clock security personnel, ensuring a secure living environment within the community.

4. What are the nearby amenities and conveniences accessible to residents of Lotus Panache, considering its strategic location in Sector 110, Noida?

   – Explore the convenience of living in Sector 110, Noida, and discover the nearby amenities, retail outlets, and cafes within or close to the Lotus Panache Society.

5. Can you elaborate on the customization options available for the additional room in the 3+1 BHK flat, and how it can be adapted to suit various lifestyle preferences?

   – Understand the versatility of the additional room in the 3+1 BHK in Noida at 2.15 Cr, exploring customization options and its adaptability to serve as a home office, guest room, or any other tailored purpose based on individual lifestyle needs.

Conclusion: 3+1 BHK in Noida at 2.15 Cr

In conclusion, the 3+1 BHK in Noida at 2.15 Cr in Lotus Panache, Noida, extends beyond being a residence; it is a symphony of luxury orchestrated by its unparalleled amenities. From recreational extravagance to wellness sanctuaries, every facet of this property is designed to elevate the resident experience. 3+1 BHK in Noida at 2.15 Cr, it not only offers a home but a lifestyle where opulence and convenience converge seamlessly. Seize the opportunity to immerse yourself in a world of luxury – where every day is a celebration of refined living!

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